Steak Grilled


The Perfect Steak

Satisfying spicy steak with Perfect Spice.

14 mins
20 mins

Ingredients Needed

One 10 oz T-Bone steak 1" Thickness
The Perfect Spice Original
Lea & Perrins Sauce
One garlic clove
Vegetable oil
One platter

Cooking Instructions

1) Peel garlic clove and slice thinly.
2) Slit small openings (about 3) in both sides of the steak and insert garlic.
3) Pour Lea & Perrins on both sides of the steak.
4) Sprinkle liberally "The Perfect Spice" on both sides of steak.
5) Let marinate for ten to twenty minutes.
6) Pre-heat BBQ to high.
7) Oil grill and place steak on high heat.
8) Total cooking time is 14 minutes for medium rare: 7 minutes per side; 4 minutes on high; 3 minutes on medium.
9) Serve on hot platter and garnish with additional Perfect Spice to taste.

The Perfect Spice Original

Perfect for steak, stew, fish, chops, soups, eggs, salads, potatoes and makes a very good Bloody Caesar! Use a generous sprinkle!
The spice that makes good food taste better!

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