Salmon Steak Grilled

The Perfect Salmon Steak

Salmon steaks are baked with perfect spice, lemon and olive oil.

05 mins
15 mins

Ingredients Needed

2 salmon fillets
The Perfect Spice Original
1 lemon
4 tbsp olive oil
1 lifter

Cooking Instructions

1) Sprinkle a generous amount of The Perfect Spice on one side only
2) Pre heat BBQ to high
3) Slice the lemon in half, and oil the grill
4) Place Salmon on grill with Perfect Spice side up
5) Cook for 7 minutes and turn with "lifter"
6) Squeeze one half of lemon on Salmon, and cook for seven additional minutes

The Perfect Spice Original

Perfect for steak, stew, fish, chops, soups, eggs, salads, potatoes and makes a very good Bloody Caesar! Use a generous sprinkle!
The spice that makes good food taste better!

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