Customers Testimonial



The boys and I have started to make beef jerky (to go with the beer) and we always use perfect spice its fantastic! We will need to order another box soon.


Adam  in Perth, Australia


Hi there:

I have been using your fabulous Perfect Spice for years.  As time went on I found it harder to find.  The last time I bought it was in a Loblaw's in Whitby Ontario and I literally cleaned them out ? I think I bought 24 bottles of it because I had converted friends and family as well so I used to give it away in gift packages.  That was over 5 years ago and now I can't find it anywhere.  I now live in Orillia.  Can you let me know where I can buy this spice.   I use it all the time and I am just about out of it.

Thanks in advance for helping me.

 Nancy Calder


The perfect spice is really the perfect spice. I am not a fabulous cook, and believe me, this spice has improved many meals! I haven't been able to acquire it in my usual stores(loblaws, sues)

 Where is this available in Richmond Hill? Or should I order directly?



I have been using your product since 1989.  Guests at our home, always comment on the excellent seasoning of our steaks and roasts.  I am very happy to know that Perfect Spice is still available on-line.

 Beth Heinze
 Ottawa, ON


Mark & Maggie enjoying a glass of Vino & The Perfect Spice!



Love your spice!  - Jan


Subject: A very satisfied customer

I spoke to you on the phone today-July16, 2013 @ appox: 3:00 PM. I was very serious when I told you my son kept the last bottle in his room. The size is 3.35 ozs. Hidden in his drawer. (He has no idea I know) 

We had 3 bottles and we never threw any of them away. As I have one empty one up North @ the cottage to remind me to look in the stores, and believe me we look in every store. 

I had a friend go to the States and look for me in a few stores. (She never found it.) I'm going to order a few. (For his birthday) in the next couple weeks. I know the last bottle is almost empty. this will be the "PERFECT" gift for him. 

I thank you for taking the time to talk to me today. It was a pleasure. 

Bonnie Barrette
Belle River, Ont.


Subject: Perfect Spice..a staple in the kitchen!

I was pleased to be able to speak with you yesterday. My family are true Perfect Spice devotees, and do not want to be without it, hence the Google Search and phone call.
A friend of my sister introduced her to The Perfect Spice a few years ago. My sister then introduced it to my parents and myself, and we have promoted it further recommending it to other friends and relatives. It is what we reach for first to season our various dishes and quite honestly it has become a staple in our kitchens.
We love the flavour and the versatility of this blend and use it liberally on everything from soup to nuts, more or less literally.
So please keep it coming. It is a great product, and we don't want to be without it.

J. Byerlay



Subject: Hooked on Perfect Spice!

Wow, ordered on Wednesday evening, and it arrived this morning. That's what I call fast shipping. I orderd 12 so that I could split it with my neighbour, I have her hooked on it now. LOL. Thanks again, as always, love the spice.


Subject: Perfect on Ceasars!

Well I thought I would look you up on line as it is our favourite spice product we use it on all of our meats as well as in my Caesars (very important ingredient) I am simply glad we were able to purchase it on line and thank you for an excellent product!
We have been using your spice for somewhere around 15 years. In 2001 we moved to BC and couldn't find your spice anywhere! I searched the internet, wrote you a letter and was desperate to find you. Every time we have a visitor from Mississauga, we have them bring some. We also get it sent as gifts as all our friends know we love it so much. I am so excited to see you online!!!

Keep up the great work – it truly is the Perfect Spice! We use it on steaks, roasted potatoes, and just about anything else we grill! Nothing else comes close! Fantastic!!!

Thanks a million